Invernee Golden Retrievers 

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Welcome to my Photo Album.
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Odie Hannah Ruby Indy
Xmas 2014
Angus and Zhik
Fun in the sun!
Odie winning at sydney Royal
Ruby working
odie working
Elizabeth - Raising puppies.
Fun on the farm
Beautiful day.
Odie and Alice
Chelsea's puppies
Odie retrieveing at the golden retriever national
Lacey's litter
Elizabeth - The chase is on...
Feel like a swim.
Penny's Boy Jazz (AKA Bozo) 8 weeks old
merry xmas
Alice, Odie & Ruby at Xmas
our dogs
Ruby - Chelsea, pups at play
Benny and Cooper
Elizabeth & Alice
Puppy Love
It is all too hard!
Who needs a treadmill.
Look what I can do!
Dorrigo - never fails to impress. Extreme dog showing!
Good Times!
Odie and Ruby
Odie and Ruby still at it 10 years later
Father Daughter games
The boys 2010
family Outing @ Dorrigo
Odie & Chanel
family outing @ Glen Innes
Surf's up
Odie and Shelly
Ruby in Baby Puppy in Show @ Comboyne
Odie ready for 2007 sydney Royal
Odie training @ the beach

Angus with his little mate
Odie at Manilla Show
Alice and puppy

Alice and Ruby winning R/U Neuter in Show at Macksville Show
Odie (aged15) Ruby (Aged 11) and Angus
fun in the mud


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